Stochastic Nonlinear Wave and Schrödinger Equations and Applications

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A major aim of the workshop is to discuss the most recent results concerning nonlinear Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (SPDEs) of hyperbolic type, mainly wave and Schrödinger. Both type of equations belong to a group of dispersive equations and there has been a lot of work on the deterministic versions of such equations. The stochastic counterpart has been less developed but substantial development has been obtained in the recent years, especially by establishing stochastic Strichartz estimates in order to prove the existence and uniqueness of such equations. Various methods of proofs were employed, some based on the Strichartz estimates and others on compactness methods. Moreover, more classical questions related to smoothness of laws, hitting times, moment bounds and asymptotics have been investigated as well. A particular attention has been paid to the studies of the problems with solutions of low regularity have become popular, especially by employing paraproduct calculus of Gubinelli, Imkeller and Perkowski as well as the regularity structures by Hairer. Other questions to be considered are the large deviations principle and of the support of the solutions (by means of the Malliavin calculus), the existence and properties of invariant measures and the Smoluchowski-Kramer approximation.