General information concerning the online sessions

The organizers would like to ask you to adher to the following guidelines to make the conference a pleasurable and informative event for all participants.

During a Zoom/Wonder session

  • Please set your nickname appropiately (e.g. Forename Lastname) when entering a Zoom meeting or Wonder.
  • Please keep yourself on mute and your video turned off, unless you want to ask a question or if you are part of a discussion.
  • If you have a question during a session you can
    • use the “raise hand” feature
    • simply post the word “question” in the chat

    and wait for the chair to call your name.

Before the event

  • Please update to or install a recent version of Zoom. For giving a talk, we recommend to use the Zoom client app. Using a browser provides less features; for just attending a session it is okay.
  • We provide an open Zoom Meeting which you can use for testing purposes before the conference starts. Please use this opportunity to check if your setup will work. Especially, if you are a macOS user we encourage you to do this check. macOS has implemented security features that do not allow apps to record the screen without permission. Please have a look at this Zoom support article (for at least the first three list items of the instructions) for more information.

If you will give a talk

  • Please observe the schedule, in particular since online presentations tire both presenters and audience more quickly. We have assigned 45 min for a plenary talk and 25 min for the others, unless the organizers of your minisymposium opted for shorter talks to gain time for dicussions.
  • Please login 10-15 min before your session starts in order to check whether audio, video and screen sharing work properly.