High Frequency Scattering and Wave Propagation: the Semiclassical/Numerical Analysis Interface

Organizers of this minisymposium are

Semiclassical analysis (SCA), as a branch of microlocal analysis, rigorously analyses partial differential equations with large (or small) parameters. In the context of high-frequency wave scattering, SCA seeks to describe precisely the extent to which the dynamics of scattered waves is influenced by the scattering of classical Newtonian point particles in the same geometry. The goal of numerical analysis (NA) in this context is to design numerical methods for computing the scattered wave that are accurate, efficient, and robust, and prove theorems guaranteeing these properties. In recent years there have been a number of fruitful interactions between these two areas, inhabited by different communities, with some spectacularly effective outcomes in terms of new problems and results in SCA and improved numerical methods and step changes in the analysis possible for NA. This proposed minisymposium aims to showcase some of this success and encourage more work at this interface.