Analysis and Numerics of Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in Relaxing Media

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Recent advances in applications of sound waves have motivated the research into models of nonlinear acoustics in media with different relaxation mechanisms. In the presence of thermal relaxation, nonlinear sound propagation is governed by a class of third-order in time Moore–Gibson–Thompson equations. Molecular relaxation can be accounted for by third-order wave equations with fading memory. On the other hand, propagation in tissue-like media involves a frequency-dependent attenuation, leading to time-fractional acoustic models.
In all cases, the resulting wave-like partial differential equations have reach dynamical behavior, which has recently been the subject of significant research efforts. Many interesting questions in the analysis and, in particular, numerical approximation of such models are open. This minisymposium aims at bringing together researchers working in this area, fostering new ideas, and initiating cooperation.